6 hour solo and relay team of 2 race rules:

  • Each rider is responsible for the safe operation & maintenance of his/her bike.
  • Each rider/team may set up a spot at the Base Area, with a small tent, bike stand, tool kit, cooler, chairs, etc. Please be considerate & reasonable with your amount of space taken. Location of spots is first come first serve.
  • Each rider is responsible to know & follow the 13km SITS race course, and to be aware of the jumps, ramps and fun downhills spread over the course.
  • A rider may bring a back-up bike, but please keep it in the vehicle.
  • All riders/teams have 6 hours to complete their laps. If a rider/team completes a lap before 5hr 45min, the option is available to attempt completing one more lap by the 6hr 30min elapsed time. Any rider completing their last lap after 5 hr 45min will be lured over toward the BBQ & recovery area.
  • Timing: each rider is responsible to do everthing possible to have each lap-time recorded by the timers. Upon re-entering the Base Area, each rider must slow down while navigating between delineators & flagging, dismount under the white event tents, shout to & confirm their plate # with the timers and jump back on their bike at the mount line. The team high-five zone is after this timing tent.
  • Each rider/team may do any number of laps desired in the 6 hours.
  • When approaching a slower more relaxed rider, please announce your plans to pass by communicating “passing on your left when safe”.
  • Have fun, get along, and giv’er.